Monday, September 29, 2008

Wiki in Education

I am about to prepare a wiki for each of my online students. These wikis will be used for students' e-portfolios. As part of these e-portfolios students will be provided with broad curriculum goals and the students will be asked to identify how they would like to meet these goals. This will be a living piece and I will encourage students to constantly massage.
- Andrew Mercer

Back Again

Well, well, well... And where have you been, Andrew? No need to worry about me. Why, I just hang out here on the web by myself, just a lowly old blog with no one to talk to. No, that's ok. I don't mind being ignored... I have become used to it. What's that? You're planning to come back more often. Hmm, well we shall see about that. Go ahead then, write something, smart-guy. I am sure people are just lining up to read your ramblings.

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